Thursday, 11 February 2010

Slimline pillar

Great things going on now... though not all visible from  inside.  The Gallery has had a concrete mixer in the middle ( fogot the camera :( ) and loads of 'muck' going through the window to fill gaps and cracks in the courtyard... hopefully the end of water problems.....

But on the inside.....a small change that has made a HUGE apparent difference to the space....... the large fat 10" vision obscuring pillar has now gone leaving the original support timber ....



I am planning to put  blackout blinds in the large front windows...... white side to the inside so the one on the right showing here can be used as a projection screen.

Last night I decided those horrid plain brown doors HAVE to go... to be replaced with ledged and braced doors more in keeping with the properties age.

I really should start taking a serious look at sorting the kitchen- cum- storeroom next !!

The spotlight bars will be despatched on Monday......but probably wont go in until the floor is levelled and plasterboard fixed and some sockets moved.......

For those of you who paint.. there's a very good lesson on reflections.... just look at what you can see in the mirror  in teh top pic !

Out of interest here's the way it began with all the bar paraphenalia in place.