Saturday, 20 March 2010

Turning the Corner?

First of all,..... thank all of  you who offered sympathy for the broken window arrangement has been reached with the miscreants (though sadly it seems they were not the main trouble makers, rather goaded into it after too much birthday celebration) to pay for the cost of repairs over the next couple of months... and I've already received the first instalment.

So time for some more upbeat news.......

It seems there are to be more 'Shop Front Grants' available from May..... and I shall be applying to transform the gallery into something like this

However this means putting off the opening until the early summer....... absolutely no point in patching and smartening up for the opening then doing the work all over again.....

Pride of place inside will go to this..... which I bid for on Ebay and my friend Caro bought as an opening present for the Gallery


The artist perched on it is Picasso.....  

produced for me in a Charity Shop in Kington Yesterday !!

his eyes follow you about the room!  Or the garden in this case !


How could I be miserable with him around ?

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Im not a happy Bunny : (

All has been going well in the gallery.. if slowly.....we seem to have sorted out the water ingress problem ... and the floor has now been skimmed and holes patched up in walls and skirting boards.......

there is still a bit of smoothing off to do .. but I was looking forward to moving on to the next stage....... fitting lights, decorating, flooring etc.... when.. at almost midnight on Friday.... I got a phone call reporting this..........


it seems two GIRLS from the flat opposite were having a fight during a rowdy party!!!

They were taken into custody  and are now released on bail !

The glass shards have been removed....


And the window is boarded up.   


I now have the hassle of sorting it out ....... whether its insured, and if it is, if its worth claiming on.........whether we can alter the window so the large pane is split as in the other one....... half the damage in future...... ( conservation officer), getting estimates, passing them to the police........ No wonder I have an upset stomach today !!!

Still better now than on Friday April 30th !