Thursday, 31 December 2009

Getting Going

The first step was to put some Christmas decorations in the window...... and an announcement about the changes

Then to  take wall furniture down......and move the bar to get a clearer idea of the space available

Unfortunately, while doing this, I discovered there was a long-standing leak and that the carpet, underlay ,damp protection material and skirting boards in front  of the fireplace were rotten ..... and had to be scraped out !! 

We think it may be  a leaking flat roof /lead flashing alongside the chimney breast... as water collects when it snows or rains !!!  Today the roofers are coming to take a look and see what they can find..... fingers crossed !  Not  lot I can do until this problem is solved.....  so excitement suspended for a while !!!

Saturday, 26 December 2009

The Birth of the Kington Gallery !

The restaurant was called The Hungry Fox .  The fascia badly needs redecorating.....but I am waiting to see some pictures of what it was like years ago when it was a fishmonger's shop in case something of a restoration is desirable..... IF I can afford it !

It is well positioned in the centre of Kington - just four and a half minutes trot downhill from where I live - useful since I dont intend to be a 9-till-5-er so there will be a Kingtonian note on the door with telephone number for when the gallery is not open.

In this shot the arrow shows its position looking down the hill with the Swan Inn behind me and the High Street in front.

The inside was like the Marie Celeste - abandoned after just a few months of trading.

This shot is with my back to the front lefthand window. showing the Bar area. The door on the right leads to the Gents and Ladies loos and the cellar. The mirror on the left covers an old doorway

Furtherback on the left a fireplace.     Note the foxes head on the wall.

And beyond the back wall the restaurant kitchen which I will use as a storage area once the equipment has been removed

and now looking from the back to the front

And here is The Hungry Fox himself.... once displayed in the window....... removed and auctioned before I bought the place !

next lot of photos will be the renovations starting !