Sunday, 1 August 2010

Its August !!!

... and Im committing myself to opening for the Bank Holiday weekend just four weeks away!!

here a shot from thisafternoon complete with glowering cloud..... those of you who know The Swan Hotel ( now Inn) can see it at the top of the hill.  That's a friends daughter waving!

And this is the view folk will see from teh front door.....well not quite this .. maybe I should say 'the aspect' !  The blue doesn't look this light and the lobby is no longer white !

I've been decorating in teh gallery most afternoons.... and 99.9% of the painting is now finished... the bit under the window is still damp and I'm waiting for some stuff to prevent that coming through the paintwork   I decided to match the beams to the wall colour .

The erstwhile kitchen door is now Gloss white like the other white paint  - not satin..... a decision I made when thinking of all those paint- covered fingers going into the storeroom !!!

I am toying with the  idea of painting the part walls around the chimney breast in a deeper leas the one on teh left  for more balanced proportions..... here it is with only  lining paper on teh wall and undercoat on teh beams.  Head on it looks a bit too lopsided.  May try some of the terracotta left over from Ivy Cottage-assuming I have some.  Remarkable the leftover  'magnolia stretched exactly round the walls with enough left over for patching up !

Tomorrow a tidy up day and clean out the fireplace......maybe a bit more floor levelling..... ready for laying the flooring !!!!

Now to find where I hid the hanging rails when they arrived MONTHS ago !!!  Ive looked in teh obvious places and not found them yet - a bit worrying as the package is over 6 feet long !!!!!!!

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Stephie Butler said...

Janet....You should be so so proud of yourself...What you have acheived here is just amazing...I can hardly believe this is the same place I visited just after you got the keys..

I love the new sign.simple and tasteful..

All the best with the opening, and if posibble I will be there to see it..