Thursday, 12 August 2010

The sign has gone up !!

While inside I layed .a second roll of flooring.

Sadly I cant use the mirrored door as the glass isnt toughened and it cant go up in a public place :(   So it now has two primer coats of white on it..... awaiting a decision as to what the top coat will be !

The Chimney has now been capped off........ so hopefully thats an end to rain down the chimney.

Also some work done on fireplace .. but not ready for viewing just yet !

Counting Down the Days :)


Cindi said...

jt.. this is so exciting... it looks wonderful!!! what fun to spend your days doing what you love..being around art!!!! its going to look so nice when you get the wonderful art work up and the clients come streaming in the front door... you never know when a friend might pop in and say hi...

Judy-Joy Bell said...

Looking so wonderful Janet. That mirror, can't you get toughened glass put in, it looks so good there..

I love your sign, the flooring looks great.

You go girl, but don't over do it.. Hugs..

Sharon Williamson said...

Looking great - it's all coming together! If I'm ever down your way I will pop in for sure!

John said...

Hello JT, I last viewed your blog in Feb 2010.... what a huge improvement to the building you have made through sheer hard work. I hope the people of Kington appreciate your work to improve their environment and support your venture.... I'm sure there will be plenty of demand for art classes, that's a very good idea.

Ann Buckner said...

Wishing you the very best for the opening tomorrow. Will be thinking of you and Ruth wishing I could be there to enjoy it all.